Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Evan's (Pre) Birthday Celebration

Since Evan's actual birthday was full of handymen doing home improvements and repairs, plus Ed had to work, we "rescheduled" Evan's birthday the day before. 

We started with presents. I lined them all up on the coffee table, and Evan had fun knocking them down to the ground. 

Once they were down, I showed Evan how to tear the paper, and soon he was a pro!

Evan got a mix of practical and fun presents, though we were a bit limited since we couldn't give him anything that would be too big (have to keep that move in mind).

His presents? Some 2T long sleeved onsies I picked up on clearance and figured he needed, baseball footie pajamas, books from the Grand Canyon and Chicago, and a little cloth tree stump with a bear, chipmunk and deer finger puppets from the Grand Canyon. So far, the books are the biggest hits, though he also likes the finger puppets. It's way too hot here for the clothes we bought - we'll save those for when we move.

Afterwards, it was time for cake! Beforehand, I wasn't sure about trying to make a cake so soon after arriving home from traveling. With everything going on, I thought it might be a bit much. However, I was luckily feeling up for it, with the help of a box cake mix. For some reason I'd always imagined baking Evan his 1st birthday cake, so I'm really glad I got to do that. Full disclosure, I sort of messed up getting the cake out of the pan, and it fell apart a little. Luckily, since the cake was just for the three of us, I didn't worry about it. Just re-assembled and used lots of homemade buttercream! And raspberries around the side to hide the missing cake :). 

Evan went for the fruit first, but soon dove right in.

Once he started on the cake, though, he went to town!

In what seemed like no time at all, he polished off his slice, with almost nothing on the ground. 

And to wash it down? A cup of milk. 

What a happy one year old! It was actually really nice celebrating with just the three of us. A perfect, (sugary) sweet day with the sweetest boy imaginable.

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