Friday, April 3, 2015

Big News!

Life has been insanely crazy lately, but we finally have some great news to share!

First, the sale is pending on our home! After only 3 days on the market, we received a full price offer for our home. We've made it through the appraisal and inspection, so now we just need to make all the fixes (and there are, unfortunately, quite a lot), and we'll be home free. Closing is April 30th, less than 4 weeks from now. We'll so miss this home, but we can't wait to move onto our next adventure.

Second, I officially have a job for next year! I will be teaching either 4th or 5th grade at Healdsburg Charter School. It was such a whirlwind experience. I interviewed via skype on a Wednesday and was told almost immediately afterwards they wanted me for the demo lesson. So, Evan and I hopped in the car and drove the 7.5 hours to my parents. The following day, my dad drove Evan and I the 10.5 hours up to Sonoma county. We stayed with a family friend and early on Friday morning, I taught a demo lesson to 26 bright faced 4th graders. It went great, and right after the lesson, my new principal brought me back to her office and offered me the job. I am so excited to work at a school that focuses on science and social studies, and active learning via projects. 

And finally, just this evening, we sold the Camry! It's been with me since 2005, back when I was in college. It sold after just an hour or two on Craigslist, and we're really happy with the family we sold it to. They seemed really deserving, and we're very happy they got a car that will hopefully last them a very long time. Now, of course, we are a one car family, which will certainly give its own unique challenges. Wish us luck!

So, lots going on in the Lyon house. We are so fortunate that most everything has worked out for us better than we could even imagine. Less than 4 weeks left!

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