Thursday, October 15, 2015

Evan Starts Daycare!

Whew...can you tell I've gone back to work? It has been more than busy the last few months, between going back to work, spraining my ankle, house hunting (and buying!) and settling into our new area. But, there's a light at the end of the tunnel :).

Evan started at his daycare a couple of days ago, and it's been going great. He seems to be having a really good time. His teachers say he takes great naps (on a cot!), and is happiest when he is listening to music and dancing. He already knows all the motions to the songs and is almost always dancing around when I come to pick him up.

It was so fun to get our first bit of artwork from Evan - some ears of corn!

Seeing his picture on the wall was pretty exciting.

Every time after I pick him up, we have a cuddle party in the car for a bit. It's the highlight of my day. He is growing into such a little boy - it's so bittersweet. I wish we could just freeze time because he is the most amazing little person right now. 

Hopefully I'll be able to update more often in the next few months when things really settle down!

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  1. So fun to see your blog updating again! Love seeing pics of Evan! Can't wait to see him again and you, two, too. :)

    Love, Mom