Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mommie and Me at Bodega Bay

Ed is training for a 30k race next month, which means that Evan and I have been having Mommie and me Sunday mornings. 

I decided we should go on a real adventure so off we went to Bodega Bay. 

It was a gorgeous drive, with clear blue skies. Of course, the fog greeted us about 3 minutes from the beach.

Thankfully, even though it was foggy, it wasn't very windy, which meant the weather was pretty perfect. 

Evan immediately got to playing and was in heaven. 

This boy loves sand - we'll need to get a sandbox in our new place. 

Even better, soon after we got there a couple started creating these giant bubbles. 

Having just learned to say bubble ("bu-bllll"), Evan was in heaven.

The other beachgoers were equally entertained by this little toddler chasing the bubbles. 

Evan just kept running back and forth, and then stopping and staring.

And of course, falling over every now and then, as toddlers always do. 

After a fun morning, we headed home. Predictably, Evan was asleep almost as soon as we started driving. 

What a fun morning!

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  1. Evan's love of sand reminds me of you! Thanks for the great photos and story of Evan's fun at the beach.