Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Festival at Daycare

Tonight we got to attend Evan's daycare Fall Festival. He was excited (if a little confused) to be back at school after a quick dinner at home. 

The most exciting part was probably the big orange round lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Evan's favorite word is "Ball!" and he probably stood there 4 minutes just saying it over and over while pointing to the lanterns. 

We headed to his room first and Evan enjoyed playing with some playdough. 

Then we wandered the halls while he snacked on some cereal. 

Love this expression, like he knows he's getting away with something. 

This is Evan's classroom - he is doing so well at daycare and having a blast! 

To cap it off, we even let Evan take part in the cookie decoration. In true Evan fashion, he had one bite of frosting and then just tried to scoop all the frosting off to eat it straight. That boy loves his toppings and condiments.  

We are so happy with how well he's doing with daycare and are loving all these fall celebrations! 

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