Monday, November 23, 2015

No More Jungle Room!

I have this whole week off, so what better way to celebrate than to spend the day stripping wallpaper?

We had hopes of getting our handyman to do this, but he convinced us that it was something we should tackle ourselves, since we're trying to save money. I showed up planning to paint today, but since Danny (our guy) was going to take off the popcorn ceilings, I decided it made more sense to tackle the wallpaper instead. It was exhausting!

Master Before (well, with 3 top layer strips pulled off)

After! No popcorn on the ceiling or wallpaper!

This wallpaper was the worst, since I had to pull off the top layer, then do about 5 soaks of the under layer with sprayed water. And then I had to use a scraper for most of it, since it was too fragile to come off in large strips. But, so much better!

Here's Evan's room without the popcorn - it feels so much bigger. I also took down one set of closet doors to make a reading nook.

And the biggest transformation - the Jungle Room.

From this:

To this:

Of course, now that we've taken off the wallpaper, I'm wanting to paint the rooms before we move in. Where we'll find the time, I'm not sure. But, it sure is fun to see everything transformed. 

Be the time we get back from Thanksgiving, the drywall will be up downstairs and there should be paint on the walls! 

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