Sunday, November 8, 2015

We are Under Construction!

It's been a week since we've started demo on the house, and Evan and I saw it for the first time this weekend. 

Wow! Our rock wall is gone, as is all the flooring downstairs. 

Would you believe this crazy carpet was under our 70s shag? Apparently this place used to be even more retro fabulous than it was. 

Our garage is full of the demo. Our guy has already taken multiple trips hauling stuff - he said there was 1.5 tons of concrete behind our rock wall. 

It's exciting to picture the house with the new floors, which we ordered this week. Needless to say, we are a lot poorer :). 

We also are ordering all new doors to give it a nice, clean look. 

The biggest change, though, was the kitchen!

With all the doors, counters, and backsplash off, you can really start to imagine this as a new space. Plus, the ceiling is over a foot higher!

The big decision w're making today is whether or not we want an island. This hadn't even crossed our radar, but our guy thinks it would really improve the space. We're going back to measure and see if we want to put in a small island instead of our peninsula, which would allow us to add some more counter and cabinets along the wall. 

(Back from measuring and we've decided to keep the original footprint. With an island, it only gives about 32 inches of clearance at most on both sides, and everything I've read says 42 inches is a minimum. We are still going to add another set of wall cabinets to the left of the window to balance the space and we're feeling good about saving some money!)

This boy is excited about our new home!

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  1. Looks great! You'll be so happy that you did the kitchen before you moved in, it's going to look great!