Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stinson Beach Race

This morning, we took winding backroads south to Stinson Beach to watch Ed run a 30k.

It was chilly to start, but it was gorgeous. 

After we did a quick run around on the beach, Evan and I had a mother son breakfast date. It was surprisingly relaxing and wonderful. He sat in a regular chair like a grown up little boy and ate a ton of food. 

Then we headed back to the beach for some fun in the sun. 

Evan ran around for over 2 hours, and was especially excited about all the dogs playing on the beach. 

He was so tired by the end he passed out in my lap for about a minute, before a helicopter flew overhead and woke him up. 

As soon as he saw he was still at the beach, he leapt up with a smile and continued to play. 

A little after 11am, we changed into some cooler clothes and then waited at the finish line for Ed. Evan was so cute, clapping for all the finishers. 

Finally, "dada" rounded the corner and passed through the finish chute. Evan was so happy to see his dad finish and Ed had a great race. 

It was a lovely day!

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