Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Kitchen

Next up, the kitchen! Before, it was intense - very low ceilings (with a grapevine trellis wallpaper thing), all tones of brown, and a macrame window cover. 

I actually sort of liked it, in a very retro way, but with super outdated appliances, it had to go. 

We kept the cabinets themselves, the fridge, and the ovens. Everything else was out!

It was amazing how different it felt once it was gutted! Scary, but exciting. 

And here it is, after. 

We are in love with this space - so bright, with out beautiful quartzite countertops and glass cabinets.

The old appliances look so much better in the new space, and the added ceiling height makes such a difference. 

Our favorite detail is probably the backsplash - a hand painted ceramic from local Heath Ceramics. 

This room took a while, but was worth the wait. 

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