Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring on Mount Tam

Ed asked me during the week if he could take us away for a surprise trip. I wasn't too shocked that he brought us to Mount Tam. 

Evan has gotten so into hiking lately - he was excited to get up on Dad's back and get going. 

Evan especially loved all the water crossings that are still trickling for a little while longer. 

When he saw this, he kept saying, "Woah! Woah!"

The first part of the hike was all under the forest canopy. And then, we stepped out into this. 

Rolling green hills. Bright blue sky. And flowers. 

Thousands and thousands of flowers. 

We've been here so many times, but I've never seen wildflowers like this. 

We decided to try a new off-shoot that took us to a bluff overlooking the ocean. We could even see a glimpse of the golden gate. "Bridge! Bridge!"

There were so many happy people sharing the trails. 

One little girl saw the cloud bank and exclaimed, "Mommy! We're in heaven!"

We took a break to take in the view and give Evan a snack. 

Then it was time for him to explore. He loved the "purple flowers"

And he loved hiking. All by himself. We couldn't get over how grown up he's getting. We also realized that he may need trail shoes sooner rather than later - his play shoes don't have nearly enough traction :). I love how you can see the hill where Ed proposed on the left, and the point where we got married on the right. Such a special spot. 

Once we got back to the main trail, it was back up for a little bit more. This is my favorite open trail on Mt Tam. Hills to the east and ocean to the west. What more could you ask for?

We headed around one more bend before turning around and heading back to the car. 

Once we arrived, we sat down for a well deserved lunch. Our little hiker did such an amazing job!

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  1. Beautiful! It won't be long before Evan will be able to hike part of the trail on his own. What a wonderful introduction you've given him to enjoying the beauty of the outdoors!