Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Appetizer to Remind You of Italy

I fully have to admit, this was the "lazy" part of the dish, as in, about 2 minutes of prep with maximum benefit. Ed and I (Ed especially) loves bread as a snack, often dipped in olive oil and vinegar and topped with cheese. In fact, I think, including this bread, we went through close to 3 or 4 loaves in less than 2 weeks. We have become dependent enough on bread that the day before we left on our trip (a Friday), we ran out (having bought the loaf on Tuesday), and I had to go get another so that we could make breakfast and lunch for our travel day.

So, it wasn't much of a stretch to make our snack for the afternoon centered around some good bread (courtesy of Trader Joes), quality olive oil (the very last of our honeymoon stash),

and delicious balsalmic vinegar. I had all that lovely cheese from the risotto, so I cut up some of the Asigo to add to the plate.

Procuitto gave it a bit more of that italian spin (we saw it being made on a Tuscan tour),

leftover fig spread that was heavenly topped with the Asigo,

and grapes, figs and blackberries gave it that hint of being more or less good for you (right?).

I served it up with some rose (we drank this fairly often in italy)
and it was relaxing and perfect.

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