Saturday, July 30, 2011

Going East: Grounds for Sculpture

Our first big excursion in New Jersey was to visit the beautiful, "Grounds for Sculpture" - an old fairground repurposed as a lush outdoor museum full of hundreds and hundreds of sculptures.

One of the primary benefactors of the grounds, and consequently (?) one of the most featured artists here makes life-like sculptures, some of "ordinary people" and some as 3D recreations of famous paintings. As Hilary said, they might not be "great" art, but they are certainly crowd pleasers.

I really liked this one, since at first glance it seems like an actual couple who is sharing a romantic moment.

One of the ponds had these enormous flowing plants - they almost didn't seem real.

There were all types of sculptures there.

This one is very "meta" - it's renoir (?) painting this painting...

And in front of him, the actual scene from the painting.

Phil really enjoyed it :)

The pond was beautiful.

There was a great hammock - but Phil didn't like that as much.

Ed, however, found it the perfect spot for resting. What's funny, with those realistic statues all over, when someone is doing something motionless, like Ed was, it makes other people wonder whether he's real or a statue.

Another very sweet couple embracing. 

This was a great respite from the heat. It was called something like "room of inner dialogue." It had lots of air conditioning blasting, and was lovely.

Outside, it had the convex versions of the interior convave artwork. 

Ed and I took a brief walk in the forest of the subconcious (where we, I guess unsurprisingly, got lost)

And took a quick look at the restaurant "Ratatouille" (possibly misspelled).

I just loved this weeping willow.

Another 3D "painting".

I thought this was very pretty (especially with the built in misters) with the lush landscape (if a bit on the scandelous side).

Walking around the grounds are lots of peacocks. This mama had her little baby in tow.

There were also the more traditionally colored males around.

And even an albino peacock!

After all that walking around, we were a tired bunch, so home we headed for some delicious lunch and relaxation. 

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