Sunday, July 24, 2011

Relaxing on the lake

Despite vacationing at Big Bear lake, we didn't necessarily spend a whole lot of time at the lake itself. However, we did rent a party boat for a lovely 2 hours exploring the lake on a windy but beautiful day. 

The first boat we were given would not start, despite the best efforts of the boat comany so they thankfully gave us a more effective one (that still ended up having a little trouble, but not too much). 

The views were continuously spectacular.

Ed and I enjoyed lounging in the warm mountain sun (which somewhat counteracted the very cold mountain breeze). 

Poor Amelia had to wear a very cute (but possibly not too comfy) baby lifevest, and she was not amused by it. 

She ended up happier wrapped up in a towel and wearing her oh so cute Brooklyn hat. No to long after, she fell asleep for a well deserved nap.

Kort took some time in the fishing seat, taking it the view of all the very very pricy homes. It was funny to notice how most were cookie cutter versions of the log mansions, but every once and a while, you would see a rickity A frame that it's owners had not renovated, unlike everyone else. 

After a bit of exploring, we found a cove sheltered from the wind and pulled over to enjoy our lunch. Our only real moment of excitement was when my dad couldn't restart the boat as we drifted ever closer to the edge of the lake. Luckily, I happen to be pretty good at figuring things out, and was able to restart the boat in the nick of time. After that, we decided to use an anchor when we stopped, but that didn't actually do much good. In any event, we didn't ever crash the boat, so I guess we did okay. 

After lunch, we reached our ultimate goal, the dam at the end of the lake.

There were beautiful homes here, plenty of other boaters, and an island full of japanese styled buildings. 

We also were treated with seeing a few of the touristy tour boats on the lake, a steamship

and a pirate ship!

We went around the japanese island, and then it was time to head back to shore. 

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