Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going East: Brooklyn Running

(Warning: this is a very picture full post)

After waking up to someone else in our shower, and dealing with that, we were more than ready to get going on our run.  

We got off a little later than planned, about ten to six, but since we had built in some flext time, we still felt good. 

We were surprisingly awake for less than 5 hours of sleep!

I had chosen our subway route to drop us off a few blocks before the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, I mixed up two of the bridges and instead dropped us off at the Williamsburg bridge.

After running a few blocks, we realized my error, but decided to just enjoy some extra city blocks. I was sporting my very fun new injinji rainbow toe socks. 

Ed was awesome and carried our change of clothes for our later activities in our camelback. 

This building was an unexpected surprise, one I recognized immediately (though I'm not sure from where). 

It also marked our imminent arrival at the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Mixed in with the older architecture were towering skyscrapers. 

Finally, we reached the bike/pedestrian path and were onto the bridge. 

As we crossed, the views got more increasingly spectacular. 

Ed indulged me with some pauses for pictures (though I've always tried to be quick!). 

As we got further and further, the New York skyline became more visible.

It was a great experience to share together. 

Finally, we reached this lovely sight,

and headed down off the bridge towards breakfast. It was already steamy and I was feeling the tiredness, so I was ready for breakfast. 

La Almondine was a bakery I had found via yelp, heralded for its amazing pastries, especially the almond croissants. 

After picking up an almond croissant and a blueberry muffin, we headed back out towards the water and found a scenic place for breakfast. 

In the shade, the temperature was perfect and it was wonderfully relaxing. Even with the late start and the early subway exit, we still had plenty of time to enjoy our breakfast.

It was hard to decide which was my favorite. The blueberry muffin was incredibly moist with a prefectly crispy top.

The almond croissant was sublime - not overly sweet like they can often be. It. was. spectacular.

As we sat there, we peered into the distance, and suddenly saw something small and green in the distance - Lady Libery herself!

We aren't quite sure how we missed this while we were running over the bridge, I suppose we were too excited about the actual bridge and the skyline to think of the statue of liberty. 

It was fun to see our next destination, though. 

After one last look, we were ready to head back into the city. 

Back over the bridge we went. 

Finally we got to the other side and were ready to head south into Battery park.

It was toasty, so when we saw a water fountain, we stopped to fill up. 

It was a pretty beautiful place to stop. 

There were more beautiful skyscrapers to see.

On our way down, we went past Ground Zero, which was well under construction. There were also lots of business people walking around (just like you see on tv). 

We passed by a very old graveyard as well.

Finally, after around 6 miles of running, we arrived at the park. 

Running up to the Liberty ticket area, we were ready for part two of our adventure. 

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