Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going East: Princeton Wandering

After kayaking, Hilary suggested that she and I spend some relaxing time at a nail salon. Neither of us had gotten our nails done in over a year, and Hilary had found a good place on Yelp, so off we went. 

It was superb! We got to sit in massage chairs while we got our pedicures, and our feet got massaged (which may or may not have tickled enough to elicit laughter), exfoliated, lotioned, and finally painted some very pretty shades. 

Then, we got manicures. I don't know that I've ever gotten an actual color on my fingernails, but I ended up being quite enamored with my nail color (and it kept for the wedding that weekend). 

After our fun pampering, we spent the last afternoon/evening in New Jersey touring the town itself, with our wonderful guides in tow. 

First, one of the oldest buildings in Princeton.

The campus itself was beautiful! I had never really thought about the town of Princeton and being a place I would like to be, but I just loved it, and loved a campus so soaked in history. 

At about this point, Ed and Steven took off towards home to get in a run (despite the sweltering temperatures). Apparently they both pushed each other with pace and got a good workout. 

Hilary, Phil and I kept on exploring.

After campus, Hilary took me to the memorial of the Battle of Princeton, which was very huge and very cool to see.

This whole trip (and especially things like this) got me very jazzed for my teaching job this school year, since I will be teaching all about the colonial period and the Revolutionary War.

We also got to see a very old bell,

and a statue that commemorates Nixon's resignation.

There was even a statue of Einstein (though, according Hilary, he is known for not wanting a statue of himself). We also got to see Einstein's house.

One last very cool building in downtown Princeton.

That evening, we had another delicious dinner outside (pork tenderloin with yummy sides) and just talked into the evening. 

It was the perfect end to part one of our trip. 

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