Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going East: Eating and Reading

Once we got off the boat, our next goal was food, then visiting "The Strand" - a bookstore that Ed was excited to take me to that boasts 18 miles of books, many of the used. 

After all the walking yesterday, I learned that I would like to make more use of the lovely subway system because, especially after our 6 mile run, my feet were really hurting from the day before. This is one of the older subway entrances. 

Once we got off in Greenwich village, we went in search of some pizza. This place had a special (you got a free drink) and it had no line, which was good for our hungry stomaches, so we headed in, got 3 slices (one for me, two for him) and relaxed. 

It was very yummy (though huge) and helped us check another NY specialty off our list. 

Very full, we were ready for some books. 

I had a great time wandering around, as did Ed. We went our own ways, planning to meet 45 minutes later, though we ended up meeting before then accidentally in the children's section. Surprisingly quickly, we made our decisions, bought our wonderful souveniers, and headed back. 

(sorry for the sideways picture) Ed got a Strand pencil pouch, which he is already using and loves, a new notebook that he needed, and a book about Einstein. I got an awesome zippered tote bag (that just might be my new teaching bag - I've been using it for everything since we got back, and we used it the rest of the trip to tote around our things), a book for my niece, and two young adult books: Mockingbird (a very sad but interesting story about a girl with Aspbergers whose brother is killed in a school shooting. It is told from her point of view) and The Brothers Grimm (a book one of my students read last year and really enjoyed). 

After such a full morning, we were more than a little in need for some rest, so we took a very well deserved nap that lasted a bit longer than we intended. 

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