Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going East: Heading North

Unsurprisingly, our last morning in New York found us waking up incredibly early, once again, as we tried to head out the door by just after 5am. 

The streets were quiet at this hour on our last walk to the subway.

This church marked our station.

We just missed the first train, but luckily buffered plenty of time, so waited patiently for the next train to arrive.

I found this advertisement amusing as we rode to Penn Station.

After a short ride, we arrived!

Since we had plenty of time, we headed to one of the eateries in the station to grab some breakfast. 

Just after 6:30, we boarded the train, and I relished in the relative luxury of our ride, compared to our experience in Italy the previous year (read - cramped quarters, someone in our seat, no air, no water, all night long, etc). It was lovely. 

As an added benefit, we got a beautiful view of the city skyline as we left. 

After a bit, we started crossing over water, and would soon realize that we'd be near some sort of water for the rest of the trip, as we headed up Conneticut and through Rhode Island to our final destination.

We saw many cute harbor towns and the ocean in the distance as we enjoyed a leisurely 4 hour trip. Ed slept and I read and it was so nice to just sit and relax after 2 days of non stop activity.

Finally, we pulled into our South Boston station and said goodbye to our train.

From here, we'd take the T line to our hotel.

This was very easy, and soon we were heading above ground to the hotel, which was promised to be very close to the stop.

Unfortunately, we happened to exit the station on the wrong side, and made a large circle around and extra 2 city blocks, finally ending up more or less were we started, just on the other side of the station. 

Thankfully, our eyes spotted our hotel and we eagerly hurried towards the doors.

After New York, this place was heaven. Check in was a breeze and we were able to go right up to our room! When we got there, we were greeted with a huge king sized bed (made to seem gigantic by the full we'd had in NY). 

The room was spacious and luxurious and made us regret only spending one night here. 

Looking out the window, we had a view of downtown and the YMCA that our place was connected to. Had we had more time, we would have made use of the complimentary passes to the Y that come included with the hotel stay. 

Directly below our window was a group of children having lunch.

That, of course, made us hungry. 

Good thing this hotel also came with complimentary warm cookies :).

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  1. Addy, I am loving reading about your adventures in NY! I have only been there once, and it was worth going there just for the food! :) Incredible. Your pictures are fantastic, and it looks like you and Ed had ball!