Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Home Revisited

As I was looking back at my blog, I found this post I did just a little while before our home buying trip, and I thought it would be fun to revisit my list with our new home, and see what fits! Overall, I'd say we did pretty darn well. 

1. Lots of natural light: Check

Living in a home that is constantly dark right now, I can't wait to use the sunny days of Arizona to their best advantage with plenty of windows (preferably in a north/south exposure home).

I think our house has a really nice balance. It has plenty of windows and natural light, but not so many that I think it will make it unbearably hot. Time will tell :). In any event, we'll be able to hang out in rooms during the day without having to turn on lamps, which was the big goal. 

2. Two stories, and a decent looking exterior: Check!

Yes, I know one story makes more sense in a hot climate, but I've always dreamed of a two story home. Plus, I have the, I'm sure, irrational reasoning that scorpions will be more often found on ground floors, so I'll be just a little safer sleeping up a level :).
Even better, Ed talked to the seller, and she was very adamant that there are no scorpions!!!

3. Fireplace: Double check
This might seem out of place in a hot climate, but those 7 months a year when it's not really hot, it does cool down in the evening. This is another thing that we've longed for living in our apartment and would love to have, even if it isn't lit all that often.

We not only have a lovely fireplace in the family room, 

We have a very nice one in our bedroom as well! 

4. Hardwood floors: Check

These aren't incredibly popular in Arizona (tile is much more in) and wouldn't be a bit deal to install later, so it definitely isn't on our must list, but it would be a great perk.

So, technically we don't have hardwood floors, but we do have beautiful hardwood laminate! Easier for maintenance, and still looks pretty? Very, very happy. We do have tile as well, but funny how I don't mind it at all used the way it is (downstairs hallways, kitchen, bathrooms, rooms where it makes sense). The rest have nice carpet!

5. Dining Room: Check
I'd love to have an "official" dining room space in our new house separate from the kitchen. In our current place, eating in the kitchen is not so fun when you have people over, and the mess from the meal is right there next to you.

We have a smallish, but very nice dining room that I am so so excited to use.

6. On that topic, a large(r) kitchen: Check
This has to be one of our biggest needs. It doesn't have to be updated or particularly fancy, it just needs to be big enough for multiple people to be in there at the same time without running into one another. I'd especially like an island :).

Down to the island and the two ovens, this kitchen is awesome. I can't wait to use my gas range, sit in our eat in kitchen, and make so many lovely meals here.

7. 4ish bedrooms
We'd really like this house to fit our family the whole time we're in Arizona, so 4 bedrooms would be perfect: master, office, and two guest rooms/future family member rooms.

We got our wish with 4 bedrooms, plus a loft! More than enough room for a growing family and visiting family and friends :).

8. Laundry Room
I've made a lot of big promises that once we get a house with a washer and dryer, I will be much more helpful in the laundry department. I can't wait to do laundry without quarters anytime I need to, not just every other week!

So excited about the laundry room. I have big plans for fixing up this room and making it a very nice place to be :). It's right off the garage and very near our bedroom, which will make it incredibly convenient! We did make sure to get quiet washers and dryers so that that proximity isn't problematic. 

9. A nice sized shower in the master bath: mostly check
I would rather not have a tub and have a big shower than have both for this room. Again, doesn't need to be updated or fancy, just needs to be the right size.

This shower is definitely not quite what I expected, but it seems relatively spacious inside and Ed really likes it. I'll be very curious to see how I like it! We do also have a nice soaking tub :). Renovations are all lovely, though if I dream designed this I probably would take out the tub and make a hug shower. Don't really see that happening, though. Still, pretty happy with it. 

10. A nice outdoor space, with a pool (we think!)
We're so excited to have a backyard that can be lived in 7 months of the year. We're planning lots of grilling, dinners outside, and lounging by the pool with a good book (during the winter of course :) ).

We definitely made out in the backyard area. It's huge, with space for everything! We are planning on a ton of meals outside (especially weekend breakfasts), and plenty of time lounging by the pool and grilling up a storm. That pool will come in very handy that week we move, when it's 200 degrees outside :P
And, a nice view wouldn't be bad either!

Well, it's not a crazy amazing view, but it is a view of a very private backyard :). I will definitely take it!


So, from our wish list, we basically hit everything we wanted! While no home is perfect, this house does pretty darn well. Fingers crossed it seems as favorable after our move in. 


  1. I would definitely say that with your view being something GREEN, that alone makes it a fantastic view!! I've had family living all over the valley, and so I've seen many neighborhoods & houses, and yes, that is a good view compared to what you could've gotten stuck with! Your house is lovely - I'm so happy for you guys! (Also am envious of your bathtub, even if you're not thrilled about it. My tub space & book time have become very important in keeping the balance in my crazy-teacher life.)

  2. Dont you just love when what you envision becomes reality? Congratultions!