Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 19 and Thankfulness 27, 28, and 29


(Full Disclosure: this was taken the day after Thanksgiving, and after eating a pretty substantial lunch of leftovers. Still, oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure I look pregnant now)

Thankfulness: I am incredibly thankful for all these wonderful people coming out to Arizona to celebrate the holiday with us (and really, this counts for all three days, since the past 3 days with them are why I haven't been updating!)

As the holiday is wrapping up and everyone is heading home, I feel so wonderfully blessed by our amazing family, especially with how excited they all are about our little Lyon to be. 

How Far Along?  19 weeks! Can't believe I'm almost halfway!

Size of the Baby? Baby has grown about another half an inch, but gained almost 2 ounces! We're halfway to a pound. 

Sleep? I had one night this past week where I slept the whole night! It was so glorious and made me feel amazing the whole day. Of course last night I woke up at 5 and the night before I was up between 4 and 6. But, that one wonderful night has me dreaming that it may happen again. Otherwise, I think I just need to be content with getting 5-7 hours. That's not really so bad. 

Eating? I think I can officially say we've reached a turning point. I haven't felt gag-y in a week! My appetite still has been a bit on and off, but for the most part, I'm eating pretty well (as evidenced by that bump). Did miss indulging in the holiday wine, but enjoyed my sparkling water with cranberry and mint. Loved the pumpkin pie and the stuffing. 

Exercise: It was a tiring week, with getting ready for having everyone come to visit/stay, but I still got in my five days, plus a bonus day of super intense cleaning. Granted, much of the activity was pretty low key, but I figure getting out there is invariably better than not. 

The biggest push this week was probably actually the cleaning day. I was beyond tired going up and down the stairs so much, hanging Christmas lights, and doing lots of other chores.

Best Moment? Being with our family for the holiday! We really missed Keven and Noemi, who couldn't join us, but loved having everyone else here to celebrate. We had so much good food and quality moments just spending time together - it was lovely. 

Love this family of ours and can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving next year with our newest addition.

Milestones: I think just being that much closer to halfway. Still feeling those potential (but not definitive) movements. Otherwise, just excited that a week from Tuesday is our anatomy scan!

Mommy Update: I felt very loved (and lots of baby love) with everyone visiting. Lots of tummy rubs (and even some conversations with the baby - my mom wants to make sure our baby "knows" her). Shopping for Thanksgiving was definitely the first time I've felt "pregnant" - super tired and out of breath during my marathon grocery trip. The rest of the holiday was surprisingly relaxing though, in large part because we definitely treat Thanksgiving as a family holiday, so everyone helped out with the cooking. Ed and I were super thankful that the turkey turned our perfect - all 22 pounds of it! Ed may have joked about us having a baby half the size of our turkey. I may have told him that we'd better not have a 11 lb baby. 

Baby Update: As I said in the picture, baby is now half a foot and half a pound, which feels like a big milestone. Baby is now bigger and heavier than its placenta and the ears and eyes are in their final positions. Baby is also sleeping about 20 hours a day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday :)

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