Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 Months from Today!

Today is January 29th. Baby Evan is due on April 29th.

That means, 3 months until he should be all developed and ready to go!

Of course, I know that most first time babies are at least a week late, so I'm not counting on him being here in exactly 3 months, but it's amazing how rapidly that date is approaching. I remember so vividly, still, when we were just 4 weeks pregnant, so excited and nervous to believe that the pregnancy was real, and how far in the future the end of April seemed. It was still unbelievably hot and seemed like the heat would never end. And now, here we are, with only a little more than 12 weeks between us and parenthood. We seem to be heading rapidly to spring, with days averaging in the mid 70s, warm shoes being traded in for sandals, and afternoons being spent lounging in the sun.

Spring is such a lovely time to be pregnant and having a baby and I am so looking forward to soaking in this last season before Evan arrives.

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