Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Baby is Due Next Month!

It's officially March. Our due date is in April. Let that sink in for a second....

Granted, our due date is the 29th of April, so we still have a long time yet, but oh my gosh! Next month we could have a baby!

With that said, suddenly it has sunk in that we actually need to get ready for the baby and, you know, make some kind of list of everything that needs to get done. So, I thought I'd make one on here. If anyone (especially those who already have kids) sees any glaring absences, let me know! Some of these aren't specifically baby related, but need to be done before Evan arrives. Plan is to come back here and cross out things when they get done :).

General House Work
  • Painting the outside planter
  • Investigating pool fence
  • Schedule pool fence installation
  • Installing a pool fence
  • Get door fixed (we have one that isn't shutting correctly)
  • Window updates
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Possibly replacing fan upstairs
  • Call about sunscreens
  • Install window sunscreens
  • Call about pest spray
  • Get house sprayed for pests
  • Deep house cleaning (hire)
  • Buy carbon Monoxide detectors 
Goal is to go from this:

To this:
  • Choose paint color We've chosen "China Silk" - a grayish, purple-y, blue
  • Clear out room 
  • Paint walls and trim (we ended up deciding that the trim was fine how it was. So, we're done!)
  • Buy furniture (crib: thanks mom and dad! and dresser)
  • Assemble crib and dresser (break)
  • Buy accessories: rug, shelving, wall art thanks Christine!, diaper pail, decal (no longer getting for now)
  • Make growth chart (weekend)
  • Hang wall art
  • Hang curtains
  • Make mobile
Baby Clothes/Diapers
  • Wash clothes (break)
  • Hang clothes by month (in master closet) (break)
  • Finish clothing dividers
  • Cut tags off of clothes and prep for washing
  • Prep diapers and wipes 
  • Buy detergent for diapers
  • Find wipe solution/recipe  (apparently water is fine and the go to for most people)
  • Get squirt bottle (?) for wipe solution
  • Figure out newborn diaper plan (prefolds or disposables) and buy needed diapers (break)
  • Buy remaining cloth diapers needed
  • Buy accessories: detergent, diaper creams, one more wet bag

  • Complete registry
  • Pack hospital bag for me (weekend)
  • Pack bag for Ed(weekend)
  • Pack diaper bag for Evan (possibly everything in one bag...)(weekend)
  • Get car seat installed in Prius
  • Schedule car seat appt for Camry (break)
  • Get car seat base installed in Camry
  • Sign up for a breastfeeding class
  • Find out how to get baby on insurance
  • Hospital Tour (break)
  • Write birth plan
  • Choose a pediatrician (weekend)
  • Register at the hospital (break)
  • Make freezer meals
  • Research Ed's paternity leave
  • Get Ed's paternity leave approved
  • Get TDap shots
Whew! And I'm positive I missed a whole lot on this list. But, this will give us a good start. I have a feeling my Spring Break will be a great time to deal with a lot of this :)

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading this list! Is there anything we can help with? We bought Ashley and James the changing table. Would you like one or would you like us to buy the crib? Let us know. It's all so exciting. Have fun decorating the Evan's room. I like the ideas you've posted. How nice that he has a walk-in closet for all his equipment. :)
    Love, Mom