Monday, July 9, 2012

Blogging From a New Home!

While I started blogging from our new Arizona home last week, tonight I'm blogging from another new "home" of sorts.

I bought a computer!

After failing to get a hold of my work computer today (and being told I wouldn't get it until the end of the month), I decided to stop putting off this planned purchase and got myself the first computer I've ever personally bought:

A Macbook Pro!

It's wonderful to not have to share a computer with my husband any more, and to have a computer that belongs completely to me (rather than to work). In a little while, I'll share pictures of my new workspace in our home. Hint? It's upstairs and very lovely :).

So, bear with me as I start recapping the last few weeks. A whole lot has happened (with a whole lot of pictures), and after the times or not, I want to get those posts for memory's sake.

Signing off from this lovely piece of technology!

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