Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recapping the Move: Packing Up!

As I shared a while back, our apartment wasn't the nicest of places as we geared up for the move:

However, we were very lucky that we were able to hire movers who turned that into this:

We will definitely need to use movers if we ever have to move again. Ed and I got to spend the morning relaxing at a cafe and going out to lunch while 3 movers were hard at work packing. About 5 hours later, the truck showed up, and everything was loaded in!

And we were left with this:

Luckily, we only had one night here (since we accidentally packed the charger for our air mattress, so we had an only somewhat inflated bed for that night). The next two nights, we were doing this:

Backpacking the Skyline to the Sea trail! That report will be up here soon :)

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