Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally Just Us

As I'll be filling in eventually, we've had a full house here at the Lyon home since we've arrived. In fact, from the Saturday we arrived until the following Sunday, we had one family member or another staying with us. While we love all our family dearly, you can imagine our excitement on Monday when it was just us morning to night :).

To celebrate, we opened a bottle of sparkling wine, gifted to us by my childhood neighbors, the Britts, with instructions to save it for just  the two of us. We were happy to finally be able to make use of it!

Dinner wasn't anything too fancy, just some salmon (with my mom's amazing bbq sauce, left over from the ribs), zucchini and corn. But, eating it at our table while gazing out on our very pretty backyard? That made it oh so special.

We're hoping for many more wonderful meals to come in this new house, and, when it cools down, we can't wait to start eating outside. Right now (at 6pm on Tuesday) its around 110, with a high of 114 today. But, we've been reassured it will "cool down" to only 108 tomorrow :).

Ah, life in the desert!

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