Friday, July 13, 2012

First Barbecue!

Back in our home in Campbell, we had to follow a law that prohibited barbecues at apartment complexes. That meant that even though we had plenty of space, the only grilling we were doing was on a grill pan. 

So, we were thrilled to find out that our home was coming with a beautiful built in barbecue! Granted, it hadn't been used in a few years, and needed a bit of TLC, but Ed got it up and running this week.

It wasn't necessarily the perfect barbecue weather, though that definitely means something different here than it did in the bay area. We still had above 100 degree temps at 7pm, so we decided that it's still not eating outside weather. Hopefully it'll cool down more in August!

In any event, we were happy to continue enjoying the backyard from our kitchen table. The best part? Despite this being Ed's first attempt ever to barbecue, the steaks turned out absolutely perfectly! Ed (and I) were quite pleased with how they turned out. 

Now that we know the grill is working, we'll have to find some more grilling recipes to try out!


  1. Your grilling area is incredible! I'll bet you'll really enjoy using this, maybe even year-round.

  2. Yay, congrats on the first barbecue! Very nice. Looks like you two are getting settled into your beautiful new home quite nicely! :)

  3. The house and backyard look amazing!!!! Congrats on getting settled in! Hope you are getting used to the heat... DONT worry come sept/oct you will be loving the weather!!!