Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 Weeks

{Originally written 9-12-2013}

When I was just dreaming about being pregnant, and then the year we spent actively trying, I read more of these kinds of posts than I could count. I so loved seeing other women's journeys to become parents and their excitement along the way (as well as getting some idea of what it might be like to be pregnant). So, I'm going to be keeping a kind of weekly *baby journal* on here, to look back on and keep track of all the amazingness. If this isn't your thing, feel free to skip it! 

Even though I'm just sharing the news now, I already have a few of these created, so we're going to backtrack to week 7. 

How Far Along?  7 weeks! We found out at 3 and a half weeks, so it feels like we've known forever, even though we aren't that far along :)

Size of the Baby? A blueberry. Still so tiny, but growing by leaps and bounds every week.  

Sleep?  Waking up a lot during the night (5 times last night!), and just super duper tired. I'm hoping to get some extra sleep this weekend. 

Cravings?  I saw a sprinkle donut while watching tv last night and can't stop thinking about it. If it's still on my mind this weekend, we just might indulge.

 What I Miss?  Feeling like I have enough energy to teach through the day. I am so very zapped after lunch, and it's hard to push from 12:45 until 5pm and stay *on* and in a good mood. I also miss having nice evenings with Ed. He's been getting home late this week, so I am going to bed around when Ed is getting home. Hopefully that'll get better next week!

Best Moment?  Going to our first doctor appointment and having the nurses wish me congratulations! Still waiting on the blood test, but I should hear soon.

Mommy Update:I've been definitely feeling more symptomatic this week. I told a coworker, just so that she could cover my class in case I had to unexpectedly run out of the room - my stomach hasn't been horrible, just not feeling great. The tiredness has been the hardest. I've been going to bed by 8:30 most nights, which has meant less quality time with Ed. We're looking forward to the weekend. 
We are also very excited about telling Ed's side of the family about the baby this week!

Baby Update:
According to my weekly updates, we have a "shark baby" this week :). Basically, the babies bones are forming, and are currently made of cartilage. It also still has a tail and little paddles for the arms and legs. But, it's heart should be beating strong and major organs are all developing. It's gaining about 100 new brain cells every minute. Ed's pretty excited to think about there being two hearts being inside of me right now. 

So happy!

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