Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9 Weeks

{Originally written 9-24-2013}

(It is amazing how intensely tired I look in these. Hoping to feel more rested soon!)

How Far Along?  9 weeks!  We are now closer to that magic 12 week mark than we are to when we found out we were pregnant, by a long shot. By some sources, it's also now considered a fetus, not an embryo

Size of the Baby? A grape (or olive, but grape is cuter). 1 inch long!

Sleep?  Mostly decent, thanks to this great cool down we're having in temperature! We can actually sleep with the air off and just windows open. Unfortunately, I did have one night where I woke up at 1:45 and couldn't ever go back to sleep. Made for a very, very long day of teaching, but I got through it. 

Cravings? Not really. I've been more sensitive to food aversions this week, so I've been eating a lot of toast. My mom did make pumpkin bread when she was out, so that has been super yummy. 

 What I Miss? Not feeling nauseous. This has now become a all day kind of thing, possibly due to the progesterone supplements, but it is harder to be a normal person when I feel gross all day. Thankful it isn't worse, though! Still missing my energy. I'm also missing being active - I was told to take it easy since I'm taking the supplements, so no gym for me. 

Best Moment? Celebrating my birthday! My parents came out and I felt super special. I was worried about this birthday leading up to it, because I thought it would be another year not pregnant, and am so thankful that I got to turn 28 with a little baby finally growing.

Milestones: Our first ultrasound is tomorrow! Just hoping to see a happy and healthy baby in there. 

Mommy Update: After being super upset and emotional last week, I'm feeling surprisingly happy and optimistic. I'm trying very hard to trust in this experience and am enjoying it. 

Baby Update:
Baby is making huge progress! It can move around now, has grown all the essential body parts, has more distinct facial features, muscles are developing, and has no more tail (goodbye shark baby, hello human baby!). 

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