Thursday, September 12, 2013

Father's Day

We were lucky enough to also get to celebrate Father's Day with my dad this year. 

We had a great breakfast of Farmer's Market fruit and pastries from Paneras

Afterwards, we headed to Crystal Cove for a lovely hike.

It was a nice decent before we hit the beach.

There were some great tide pools that we really enjoyed checking out.

The trail narrowed at a couple points, but we didn't mind. 

After maybe 45 minutes, we reached a popular stretch of beach that was super busy. 

Further down, we found some even better pools to explore. 

I was super excited to see some anemones. 

At some point, the end of the beach came into sight. My mom optimistically said we should just go for it. It ended up making this a 6ish mile hike, but it was worth it to make it all the way. 

We had fun watching some surfers, though it freaked us out a bit watching them perilously close to those rocks. 

It was a bit of a long walk back, and we all ended up with some sunburn, but it was a great way to spend the morning. 

That afternoon, we exchanged gifts!

Our first gift didn't entirely work out (as it never got delivered), but someday hopefully it'll be fulfilled. It's a pass to all CA state parks (from Kortney and us). 

We also gave my dad a poster to fit the theme. 

You might recognize this as the one we have in our living room. My dad was born in Marin, so we thought this would be a good fit. It now looks amazing in their office!

Unexpectedly, we ended up with a gift of our own. To celebrate our third anniversary, my parents gave us a gorgeous pair of wind chimes. They have been such an amazing treat to listen to, especially during our monsoon season. 

It was a wonderful visit!

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