Thursday, September 19, 2013

8 Weeks

How Far Along?  8 weeks (and 2 days)! Crazy that that means two months in, and only one until 2nd trimester. 

Size of the Baby? A raspberry. It made me feel a little funny eating raspberries with my yogurt this morning. I told Ed, and he couldn't even eat them. 

Sleep?  I haven't had quite as many insomniac nights, though last night I was probably awake for a good hour. In general, though, I've been waking up a couple times during the night but have been able to go back to sleep. 

Cravings?  Ed attempted to satisfy the doughnut craving, but bought three doughnuts I'd never eat. It actually worked pretty well to deal with the craving though, because one bite of one reminded me how crazy sweet they are. We both were craving some sushi this week, so we tried a new place just a couple minutes from our house. I was a little sad to only get cooked/veggie rolls, but it definitely was still satisfying, and the ginger was good for my stomach. I have been reading that if the fish is flash frozen, it's okay to eat raw, so I may look into that for future sushi expeditions. 

 What I Miss? Feeling trusting of everything. We had a bit of a scare this week, when I got my blood test results back and my progesterone levels were on the low side of normal. That's basically the number that shows how safe and nurturing that baby's environment is. I had about 24 hours of completely losing it, but am now on the other side feeling more trusting that things will be okay. I'm now on a 200 mg progesterone supplement for the next couple weeks. The placenta should be taking over pretty well by then, so things will get back on track. 

Best Moment? Telling my principal? I'm not sure it was the best, but it's nice for the main people at work to know now. It was sort of inevitable, as I broke down when I got to work right after I found out about the blood test and a woman I work with (who is more acquaintance than friend) ended up finding out, so I figured I should tell my boss ASAP. I figure either way, I'll probably need her support, so it made sense to tell. Earlier than I was planning, but not much to be done about that. 

Mommy Update: All about the same. Lots of feeling sick and feeling like I want to be sick, but no actually getting sick, which I guess is good. I've been a bit more moody and sad this week, which I'd expected to get at some point. Mostly just tired, though. Very, very tired. The supplements I'm taking also have the side effect of tiredness, so all together it's pretty intense. 

Baby Update:
Baby is starting to lose the webbing between its fingers and toes and is developing taste buds, eyelids, ears, and a nose. It has elbow and knee joints and should also be moving around a lot. It's also losing the tail from last week (so shark baby may not be the best name for it any more). We will hopefully get to see our little one in less than a week on our first ultrasound! 

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