Friday, March 7, 2014

33 Weeks

("Can't you just get a babysitter?!?" One of my students after I reminded them that I would be leaving in a month to have my baby)

Thankfulness: I am so, so thankful that I've reached Spring Break! This break has been looming in the future almost since this pregnancy began. Once we hit the other side, we'll be in the final stretch. 4 more weeks of work and 6 weeks until the due date. 

How Far Along? 33 Weeks - I was born 2 weeks from this point. Seems like the end is getting a lot closer. 

Size of the Baby? Durian fruit (an apparently incredibly foul smelling fruit - lovely). On the plus size, he should be nearing the 5 lb marker and is well over 17 inches long. Can't believe he's getting so big!

Sleep? Not the greatest. A few insomnia nights plus a few nights waking up early. However, last night I only woke up twice and didn't get up until 6:30. That's awesome in my book. 

Eating?  Lots of enchiladas :). I made them Tuesday and have been eating lots of leftovers since. In very sad news, our blender broke (literally - the plastic part where the blade is attached has, I think been cracked for a while. I could never figure out why it was leaking. In any event, on Monday, a huge hunk came off and it's no longer usable. I miss my smoothies). 

Exercise: Yoga 3 times this week (regular class plus the two mornings I woke up early). I'm adjusting, but I am hoping that we can go for a walk this weekend :). Want to enjoy the wildflowers!

Best Moment? So many - we have been blessed by our loved ones (and very sweet students). 

Clothing and Baby book from students, sandals from a fellow teacher, and Eric Carle Prints from Christine

And our crib arrived from my parents!

In a "silver linings" kind of way, it was wonderful to see and hear that our little baby was doing fine in there when I went to get checked out on Monday. 

Milestones: We've gotten so much done off of our "to-do" list in the past week. Here are some of the things we've accomplished!

Our baby room has been completely cleared out to get it ready for painting. I also took down two shelves. 

Plus, we got paint samples and chose our color. It's going to be "china silk" which is the bottom right color. The other ones were a bit too gray and similar to our living room, and we liked the warmness and prettiness of the one we chose. Plan is to paint tomorrow!

Ed also got the car seat installed! According to him, it took two very strong firemen about 20 minutes of substantial effort to get it in our Prius, so that base is not going to come out any time soon. Thankfully, we have two, so the other one can be the one we take out to move into other vehicles if necessary. 

We also used a gift card from my sister, Ashley, to buy Evan his first swimming outfit. Since we'll be in town this summer, we'll get to take Evan in the pool! Still need to figure out how that will work, but I'm excited to dress him up. 

Mommy Update:  Another roller coaster week, but this time because of contractions. I ended up with contractions 5 minutes apart from when I woke up until I went to bed on Sunday, which was obviously concerning. I did go in, and of course everything is fine, but it's still hard to deal with. On the plus side, work has been increasingly accommodating (they don't want me to leave early), so I've appreciated that. 

I did have conferences this week, so it was definitely a long and tiring one, but now I have plenty of time to rest, thank goodness. 

Otherwise, I'm doing well. Normal symptoms for this point in pregnancy, and I really, really cannot wear non-maternity shirts any more, so I need to do some shopping. I also need some shorter skirts now that the weather has turned (and my internal thermostat is set for hot). 

Baby Update: Evan may grow up to an inch this week! He's keeping his eyes open when he's awake and he's going through major brain development (reminding me I need to focus on lots of healthy foods this week :) ). He's definitely starting to run out of room and is very entertaining to watch when he's going crazy in there. He's still active around 5 in the morning if I'm awake then, and it's very special to be laying in bed and feeling him kick my hand. 


  1. Cute top! I enjoyed rereading the post on your visit for Mom's Day and my birthday. So nice Dad arranged for your surprise visit! I can't wait to see the crib against the beautiful blue/purple wall color. It will look great.

  2. We found that two bases quickly became a necessity. As for swimming: arizona pediatricians say 4months for sunscreen vs 6 months in other states.

    1. Thanks for the knowledge! Luckily, our pool is shaded after around 3pm, so we should be able to make use of it without having to worry about the burning factor too much :)