Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby's First Library

While I am loving all of our nursery, and will share more once we finish up a few more details, this has to be one of my favorite projects (and it shows off our pretty new walls!). It needs a few more books to fill it up, but I love, love, love Evan's book wall. Once I had all the right materials, it was a pretty quick installation (and who doesn't love getting to use the electric drill?).  I used anchors that can each hold 75 lbs, so theoretically each shelf can hold upwards of 150 lbs without an issue, though hopefully we won't have any wall climbing :). 

The bottom shelf is just a bit off the ground, with the idea that it makes it easy for little hands to grab a book to read/play with. Also hanging on the shelves is a little "friend" from my niece, Amelia, to Evan. 

I've been super productive over the break, assembling the crib, dresser, storage unit, side table (currently in the master with the glider), and curtains. Now I just have some fun tasks, like hanging the rest of the wall art, and creating a mobile and a growth chart. 

So much fun decorating!

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