Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Looking Up

(Sunset from the soon-to-be nursery)

As predicted, everything is fine. I'm fine, Evan's fine, I'm just lucky enough to have a body that likes to have a ridiculous amount of contractions for no discernible reason. They are back to normal now, though it's renewed my efforts, especially at work, to take it easy. Luckily, work has been great, which is especially appreciated considering that conferences are this week, which means very long days. 

The silver lining of conferences is that it's leading to spring break! I cannot wait to take lots of naps, make substantial progress on the baby room, and check some important things off of our to-do list. 

For now, though, I am just relieved that everything is still okay. As my principal reminded me, this parenting stuff never really gets easier or more convenient. There is definitely a learning curve. 

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