Tuesday, March 25, 2014

35 Weeks/35 Days Left!

(Decided to make the transition this week from Friday to Tuesday posts, so that I'm posting on my "real" due date, not the one I was first given. April 29th, here we come!)

("You should dress him up in a tiny school uniform so that he can come be in class all day and you can teach us!" - 5th grade problem solving when I told them that if I did visit the last week of school, it wouldn't be for a super long time)

Thankfulness: I am thankful that we have made it this far and are almost at the end. Definitely starting to reach that done phase, though baby kicks are still the highlight of my life. 

How Far Along? 35 weeks. That means 35 days left! It's really mind-boggling to me that I was born at this point in my mom's pregnancy. Makes it much more real that our little guy could arrive at any time, though hopefully he'll wait until he's bigger and stronger :). 

Size of the Baby? A coconut. Going by my birth weight, he should be at least 5 1/2 pounds and almost 19 inches long (I was 5 lbs 12 oz when I was born). So happy he's getting to that "real" baby weight.  

Sleep: Sucky. I keep waking up at 4:30 and am unable to get back to sleep. I know that insomnia is a super common symptom at this point, so I'm trying to roll with it. Makes for very long teaching days, though. Can't say I'm not fantasizing about maternity leave, when I can just nap whenever I feel like it! Naps are definitely part of my weekend routine, now. 

Eating? Much better with eating salads this week, and had some really yummy, healthy dinners. Also had way too many sweets. Motivation to eat completely healthy seems to have left with my sleep. On the plus side, we decided to splurge on a new, much nicer blender, so I am back to my fantastic daily smoothies! 

Exercise: Besides our Saturday hike and yoga in Sedona, I only really got in yoga on Wednesday - struggling to do more when I am so exhausted. I am proud that I still went to yoga, since it definitely crossed my mind to skip. Just got to celebrate the little victories, now. 

Best Moment? Hmm...this is a bit hard, since it was such an uneventful week. There were a few great things though. 

The biggest highlight was probably having Ed join me at pre-natal yoga on Saturday. It was so special to have him there, and our yoga teacher gave us a few different positions to try during labor, as well as some suggestions. The best part was the savasana at the end. She set it up so that Ed was leaning back in a reclined position and I was leaning against his chest. So very peaceful and relaxing. 

We also finally decided to go cloth for the newborn phase. We were torn, since our current diapers won't quite fit in the beginning, from what we hear, and we weren't sure whether to invest in little cloth diapers or just do disposable. After looking at cost (and thinking about health), we decided to take the plunge and order up some pre-folds and covers (the least expensive option). I'm pretty excited, and have been watching some videos so I will sort of know what I'm doing and can teach Ed. 

I also had my work shower yesterday, which was very special and lovely! One more very small shower this weekend (with book club) and then we can complete those registries and finish getting ready. 

Milestones: Reaching my own birth week is a pretty cool milestone. It also makes me feel  more confident that if Evan were to be born now, he'd probably be pretty darn okay. I also started getting my maternity leave plans put together, which feels exciting in a way. I am looking forward to everything being ready so that I can take off without any guilt about my students' last weeks of school. 

In prepping milestones, we got all the clothes washed and hanging (with pants/shorts/swaddles up above):

I'm super excited by how my clothes dividers turned out and feel like Evan has plenty of little onsies to wear, at least until he hits 6 months. After that, he only has 3 outfits, so we'll have to go shopping. Since he'll be in our room for the beginning, I gave up part of my closet for his clothes. It makes me so happy to see these hanging there every time I go in to get something!

I also finished one of my big crafts this weekend - a growth chart! I saw this on pinterest and really wanted to make one for Evan's room, especially since it's something we can take with us and use for a long time. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Mommy Update: At 35 weeks pregnant, I am definitely feeling it. It was really hard to be back at work last week and this week - walking at all gives me some pretty serious pelvic pain and that, plus those lovely, ever present contractions, the need to go to the bathroom once an hour, foot swelling (the least glamorous and creepiest, to me, symptom so far) and sheer exhaustion, make it a bit tricky to give teaching my all. It's extra hard since this is the final push before state testing (2 weeks left now!), so I feel extra pressure to be present as a teacher. I'm so torn between wanting to be on my leave now, since I'm so uncomfortable, and sad that I will be missing all of the end of the year activities with my students - especially since some of them have been with me for almost 2 years now. 

Baby Update: Evan should be basically fully developed at this point and have reached close to his final heights. Now, he's just really focusing on gaining weight. His hearing should be fully developed - which makes sense. At yoga, Wednesday, he had been super quiet the whole time (which is a little unusual). One of my teachers often finishes class by hitting a small gong while walking around the room. As soon as she did that, Evan started going crazy! I think he got startled by the noise. It was super cute. 

Looking forward to checking a lot more off our list this weekend - we are getting close!

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  1. Evan's clothes look so cute in your closet! Hard to believe that little guy will be here in (possibly) 32 days (using the 29th as the due date). I like your growth chart - very cool. Have fun at your book club shower.