Saturday, November 1, 2014

California Adventures: Mt Tam

The first view of the Golden Gate. I have so many meaningful memories of this view. Our first Valentine's Day. Countless runs in the Marin Headlands and on Mt Tam. Our Engagement. Our Wedding. 

And now, our first trip over the bridge as a family of three.

Our first stop, of course, was to the Mountain Home Inn, where we were married 4 years before. 

Evan was taken with it, of course, and it was so special to have him there. 

The fog rolled in during our meal, so we made sure to layer Evan in some PJs and his bunny hat before we set off on our hike. 

Since we had limited time, and we weren't sure how long Evan would be good for, we decided to go on my favorite trail from the Inn - the Ocean View trail that heads down to Muir Woods. 

We got a beautiful sliver of an ocean view as we headed down. 

I always think of this as our wedding grass, since it covered our wedding site. I still just love how it's shimmering.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon.

After a short time, we arrived in our strand of redwoods. 

As we continued, we reached my favorite part. The trail carved into the side of the hill with redwoods stretching from deep in the ravine into the air above. 


As we headed up, somebody woke up for the first time on the hike and was taken with all the beautiful colors. 

His first view of Mt Tam trails was so very sweet.

It's amazing to think that as of next year, our favorite trails will be a mere 45 minute drive away.

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