Thursday, November 6, 2014

Starting Solids!

As I mentioned, I've been stuck with the whole eating thing with Evan. After reading the Baby Led Weaning book, I really connected with the idea that Evan will be happiest if he's in charge of feeding himself. After all, he's definitely in charge of how much he eats while nursing. But, big chunks of food legitimately freaked me out. 

So - compromise? I baked up a sweet potato and, after mixing in a little water, put a little helping on his tray. I also gave him a spoon with some sweet potato loaded on it. 

First attempt? Spoon went in the wrong way, but seemed to feel great on his gums. 

He liked to switch off between the spoon and playing with the goop with his hands. 

Ultimately, though? He liked the spoon the best. He would start to fuss whenever I'd take the spoon to reload it, and really liked to suck and bite on it. Of course, he's teething hardcore right now, so that was a huge part of it. 

The funniest, though, was the sippy cup! Evan lunged for it as soon as we put it on his tray, and seemed to know exactly what to do with it! Granted, he needed to tip it up a little more, but I'm pretty sure he got some water out. Must have reminded him of a bottle.

He is so wonderful :)

Our happy little eater!

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