Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sedona: Day One

Every year on Ed's birthday, we do some kind of trip, since it always coincides with at least one day off. This year, Ed actually got a real day off, since his classes are on Tuesdays, and since I wasn't working, we made it a during-the-week trip to avoid some crowds. We went to our favorite Arizona place, Sedona.

We loved where we stayed! One feature we were excited about was the grass behind our patio. We laid out some towels to let Evan play, though it was a bit of a struggle to keep all those delicious looking leaves out of his mouth. 

It was such a beautiful fall afternoon and was so peaceful and relaxing to just be sitting outside.

He enjoyed having his toys from home,

and dressing in cooler weather clothes.

Trees are his favorite, and he loved looking up at the leaves.

And, of course, at his parents.

We've been practicing sitting up, and are getting better!

So many toys.

I was so wanting to see fall color this year, and Sedona didn't disappoint.

Evan enjoyed getting some use out of his new sweatshirt from his Oma. 

We were luckily able to get Evan down for a nap (napping on trips isn't a strong suit of his), so Ed got to his the trails while I got to lounge in bed and read, while soaking in this view. 

He took a great nap, which was wonderful, but ended up making us a bit late for seeing our sunset from the Airport Vertex. Still, we hurried up there, and caught the last bit of sunlight as it headed away. 

As darkness took over, we hurried back to the car, picked up some fantastic pizza (brie, chicken, dates, and other goodness), put Evan to bed in the bathroom - good tip from our parents, and enjoyed our pizza and champagne together :).

A lovely first day.

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