Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Halloween Fun

While our Halloween was super low key, I did want to do something Halloween-y with Evan on the actual night. 

So, I bought him his own little pumpkin. 

After carefully cutting it open and removing all the seeds. we let him "go to town."

Apparently, though, going to town mostly meant just looking at it. Not as interesting as we hoped!

After a few minutes, this started happening. Evan's signal for "I'm all done - please take me away!"

Hopefully next year, pumpkins will be a little more fun :)

It was a super nice Halloween though! Just passed out candy while Evan played and Ed and I played a card game and listened to Halloween music. We had exactly 2 pieces of candy left when we turned out the lights at 7:30, when Evan went to bed (and the trick-or-treaters had significantly slowed down). Wonder what next year will hold?

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