Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Changing Seasons

Things are changing around these parts.

Wear his super cute CAL shirt since it's finally cool enough for sleeves! Thanks, Christine!

First off, it's definitely feeling like fall! I'm currently sitting on the couch wearing actual pajama pants and uggs, while under a blanket and drinking a cup of tea. Nighttime temperatures have been in the high 40s, which means we wake up to a 70 degree house. Not cold by any means, but a huge improvement from our 80s indoors. Evan is wearing sleeper pajamas in the mornings and pants in the evenings. Life is lovely!

"What are you doing over there?"

"Can I see?"

Changing is also happening with our little boy, though. I have this app on my phone called "Wonder Weeks" which lets us know about developmental milestones. This last one was a doozy - 6 weeks of promised crankiness that surely delivered. Thankfully, the app was right, and the cranky baby faded away a few days ago and left in its wake a happy baby who is crawling, breaking a tooth, and just so much more interactive with our world!

My favorite is probably that now, when I'm on the floor with him, he'll often crawl over to me and try to climb up. He also reaches out for me, which is just the sweetest.

First food! Or not....

He's sitting up much better (though he's still not completely stable), which means we're getting closer to actually starting food. We've given him a few pieces to play with (part of a banana and part of an apple) but, ironically, while he puts every toy under the sun in his mouth, he doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in putting food there. We're not in a rush, but we will be starting to give him more opportunities, especially now that I'm CPR certified (Ed's getting certified this weekend). I'm feeling pretty torn between liking the ideas behind Baby Led Weaning (giving whole foods from the get go) and being a paranoid mommy who feels safer doing purees. We may compromise and give him purees to play around with/feed himself - will that work? Who knows. Food before one is just for fun, as the lactation consultant at my breastfeeding group likes to say, so we're being pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

In any event, it's an exciting time. So many changes are happening with our little boy, and so many more seem soon to follow! He's definitely left the little baby phase far behind and has changed into this amazing, interactive, super funny little person.

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  1. Evan is getting so grown up! Are you planning to teach him to sign? It was so cute when Amelia used her signs to communicate.