Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Continuation of Spring

As the days are continuing to get nicer, it's been fun to watch our garden "wake up" even more!

Our cherry tree has gone from this...

To this....

To this!

We probably have close to 40 cherries on the tree, and can't wait for them to turn red. 

These pretty flowers are also really starting to grow. It's fun having the pinks and yellows among the other white flowers in the box.

And, apparently, this azalea is blooming for the first time since it was planted over 3 years ago! Ed thinks it's because of all the rain plus all the sunny days. In any event, it's a beautiful addition.

Ed and I are looking forward to spending some warm days enjoying our patio. 


  1. This is why you shouldn't move! Where else are you going to have an enclosed patio like that!

  2. I know! It would be so hard to move to a place that didn't have nice outdoor space. Hopefully wherever we end up moving next year will be cheap enough that we can afford a backyard :).