Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Very Relaxing Saturday

After having a lovely run, I had such a relaxing afternoon. I spent much of it sitting curled up in a chair, enjoying the smell of our candles, drinking a pot of chai tea, and reading the new issue of Sunset. It was heavenly. 

Afterwards, Ed and I headed to the mall to take care of a few errands and have a date night. One story I haven't shared yet is the story about my engagement ring. So, while going on a run while visiting my sister and her family, I accidentally tripped. Usually, this isn't a big deal, but something different happened on this one. I landed, not unusually, on the palms of my hand (and my knee). Unusually, I also  more or less landed on my engagement ring. 

As I pulled myself off the pavement (and assured a worried couple who saw the whole embarrassing thing that I was fine), I looked at my ring and it looked off. As I stared, the middle diamond fell out! So, sad and somewhat humiliated, I kept a tight grip on my diamond as I took the "walk of shame" back to my sister's apartment. 

Luckily, Ed wasn't too upset about the whole thing, but I did need to go get it fixed, hence the mall trip. The woman at the Kays at the mall was very nice, but informed me that I would need to get the prong replaced. She told me that the prong was custom made, so it would be very expensive to fix; however, I could choose a simplet design that would be "less" expensive (still upwards of $180). 

She showed me the booklet of prong designs and I ended up finding one that was a "tulip" setting, which was what she said mine was. Not only was this one a match to what I already had, but it was only $118! Even better, the woman gave us a discount and only charged $110. She also cleaned and polished our wedding rings, my other ring and my necklace. The only negative is that I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get my ring back. 

After taking care of this, it was time to relax! So, Ed and I headed to Cheesecake factory for yummy drinks and dinner.

All in all a very nice day!


  1. That's a bummer that you don't have your ring for that long, but aren't you glad you looked at it immediately and saw that the diamond was about to fall off?! Imagine if you got back to the house and it was just gone! That could've been awful.

  2. I know! I'm so glad that I caught it. And, I'll really appreciate having the ring back after being without it for so long :).