Friday, April 1, 2011

Kort's Visit to the Bay Area

This past weekend, Ed and I had the lovely fortune to have my sister, Kortney, come to visit. She stopped en route to visiting her friend in Berkeley. We started by heading out to The Counter on Santana Row, where we had delicious burger. Then, we stopped by Borders. This one was closing, so we were able to score some great deals (40% off!). I got 7 books, and Ed, 2. 

After that, Kort wanted to check out SJSU, so over we went. I had never been there before, and it was really fun to be on a new college campus. We started at this nice fountain before heading out to some buildings that Kort was interested in. 

Heading towards the art building, we stopped by this gorgeous mosaic. 

Then, onwards to the art museum.

Kort (and the rest of us) were impressed with the art in the courtyard, and we could picture how nice of a place this would be to hang out on nice days.

It was a nice day, one of the first that started really feeling like spring. 

We stumbled upon this statue on the way to the library that honors Olympians from SJSU.

There was also this lovely historical building on campus.

Finally, we reached the library. My goodness, this might have been the most beautiful libraries that I've ever seen. 
Even better, they were having a sale of books outside - $5 for a bag! I got all these lovely books (and Kort got some of her own)

Inside, it was even better. 

The inside of the library was just beautiful. I wished we had more time to explore - this is definitely a place I would like to return to.

We decided to get takeout from To Mero Mole, and it was delicious!

The next morning, Ed and I got up early to work and Kort got to enjoy the morning before she headed off to Berkeley.

All in all, a lovely visit.

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