Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wildflower Run at Quicksilver Park

Ed and I decided to take an advantage of my last day of spring break by going on a hike/run someplace where we could enjoy the beautiful weather and the wildflowers that have been coming up everywhere. 

Since I missed the wildflowers here last year, I decided we should head to Quicksilver to enjoy the green hillsides and flowers. 

Unfortunately, after less than half a mile, we realized an unintended side affect of the flowers - bees. Lots of bees. So, we turned around and headed out on a different trail, which ended up being even better. 

While it started with a pretty significant uphill, 

there were lots of poppies to make the climb more appealing. 

The oak trees looked gorgeous with the piercing blue sky as a backdrop.

I forced Ed to do some posing, since it was such a beautiful day; he was a good sport :).

He made me pose, too.

What ended up being different about this run, compared to other runs at Quicksilver, was that the hills were much more rolling. This meant that, after a mile, we got to start heading downhill!

At 1.7 miles out, I convinced Ed that we should take a break in the shady, secluded area off the trail that included a table, and a creekside view.

It felt lovely and peaceful to just sit quietly in the cooler air and listen to the flowing water. I realized while sitting there that there was a road just on the other side. It's amazing how you can feel so isolated in nature, only to discover that you aren't so far into nature after all. 

After about 5 minutes, Ed encouraged us to keep going; the goal was out 2, back 2, so we still had three tenths of a mile left.

Luckily, that last three tenths was full of gorgeous scenery. 

In not too long, we turned around and headed back up. While it was only 75 degrees, it was the first warm weather run I've done in a long time, and that direct sunlight felt hot! We rested in the shade once on the uphill, until finally, we made it to the crest, ready for some nice downhill to take us back to the car.

I stopped to enjoy the poppies one last time, and then we headed down.

Ed and I need to make a goal of making weekly trips to the trails for the next month or so to make the most of this spectacular wildflower season.

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