Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farmer's Market Sunday

Last Sunday, Ed and I braved the notoriously busy Campbell Farmer's Market to enjoy the beautiful spring day and all the delicious local food up for grabs.

We started the day with a delicious breeakfast, courtesy of Ed. We may not always make it to the table for dinner, but we're pretty good at eating our weekend breakfasts there. The grapefruit was also a nice treat!

We arrived at the market around 10:45, which was late enough for the market to be plenty full. 

Our game plan was to walk down the two sections of the market to scope it out (the first is more arts and crafts, the second, food), and then make our purchases on the way back. 

We ended up getting fava beans (which we still haven't eaten!), snap peas, and artichokes. Before we finished shopping we picked up a delicious snack.

Pork Tamale! We found an appealing place to sit in the shade behind the market tents where it was a bit less crowded. The tamale had healthy additions (like zucchini and something that made the tamale corn part green) and was a lovely amount to share. 

Before we left, we picked up some flowers. Aren't they pretty?

They don't look like much here, but they're actually poppies. Over the following week, the buds popped open and it was so fun to watch the beautiful colors unfold. Sabine, my Mother in Law, actually thought they were silk flowers when she saw them, they were so beautiful. 

They've since started showing their "age," but they were great fun while they lasted. 

Hopefully we can continue making it to the market throughout this wonderful season. 

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