Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year, we had the great fortune of having my Mother-in-Law, Sabine, coming to visit us! While I was sad not to be with my Mom, it seemed fitting to spend it with Ed's.

Sabine got into town midday Saturday, and we had time to have lunch together- delicious tamales from Costco and salad with homemade croutons (basically good bread cut into chunks and cooked on the stove with lots of olive oil, salt and pepper), avocado and cilantro lime dressing.

Then, I was off to our friend Jenny's bridal shower (she is getting married to Ed's best friend since he was a kid). Ed and his mom hiked, and when I got back we went off to dinner at Elements, a Euro-Asian restaurant in Almaden.

Both Ed and his mom had the duck, which came with a mix of taro root and sweet potato (which Sabine really enjoyed). 

I got scallops and shrimp, with risotto and sweet pea puree. I love scallops and have only once cooked them at home, so I really enjoy when I can have them when we go out. 

The next morning, the good food continued with breakfast. While we didn't have anything originally planned, Sabine had given me a beautiful turquoise baking dish. We had talked briefly about coffee cake, so I decided that that would be the perfect dish to cook. 

Ed, always needing protein, cooked up an omelette to accompany the cake, and we topped it all off with grapefruits brought by Sabine. 

We then spent the day shopping for dresses for the wedding(s) we're attending this summer. Sabine bought one dress, I bought one, and Ed bought one for me. It is a beautiful black dress with white polka dots and I can't wait to wear it all summer. 

Shopping was tiring but productive, and we were all happy to get home and rest. 

For dinner, Ed made his delicious carribean pork and plantain hash (without plantains - we couldn't find any - so we put in normal bananas). We had it with delicious corn and salad. 

After dinner, Sabine headed off to spend some time with her good friend. 

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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