Monday, May 16, 2011

Open House!

While I don't generally post a lot about my teaching job on here (or really any pictures), I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from my Open House night. Enjoy!

My desk is never this clean, but let's pretend that it always looks this good :). 

We've just started Esperanza Rising, so I put out a display of the migrant photos I used to introduce the historical context and the map we're using to understand the geographics of Esperanza's journey. 

I also put up the persuasive posters that the kids made to practice persuasive outlines and forming arguments.

These are food poems that the kids wrote to "relax" after testing. 

These are out pro/con posters. The kids chose from a list of topics and then partnered up to make posters to show both sides of an argument.

These are personal vignettes the kids did months ago, based on Sandra Cisneros' writings.

It was definitely a full room, but a good one. 

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