Friday, September 9, 2011

Going East: Finally at the Weddding

Those of you still reading these, I'm sorry I can't seem to hurry this up. Good news is just a few more posts left, and then I can get back to normal life :). 

So, where were we?

Well, we got showered and prettied up, but realized we were quite hungry and had nothing to eat for lunch. So, without a lot of time, we headed down, determined to order something that could be made quickly. 

We felt slightly overdressed for the hotel restaurant, but enjoyed wearing our fancy clothes (including Ed's newly purchased New York pants). 

While we  ordered quickly and tried to make it easy, we were waiting. And waiting.

While we waited, Tom tried to fix his broken camera.

And we waited and waited. Finally, we told them we needed it to go, since it had been almost a half a hour and no food. We got in in boxes and hurried out. 

On our way, we found out we had gotten lovely little out of town bags, with, of course, snacks inside. 

Ah. Well. It was nice to be full anyways. We arrived at the beautiful church, and immediately scarfed down our food and then head inside. 

The church was an old traditional Catholic sanctuary, that really reminded me of our summer abroad and all the churches we visited there.

The service itself was beautiful, though more solomn than I think most services we attend. I had never been to a Catholic service before, and got the impression that this was very traditional. 

This was the church the bride's parents (Ed's aunt and uncle) were married in, and it was very special to be part of this family tradition of using this church. 

The service included Ed's cousin's son (the one with two children) as a very cute ring bearer

After the service, we gave our gradulations at the reception line, and then headed out into the hot air.

A car was waiting to wisk away the bride and the groom, as we said our goodbyes for now to everyone.

We took just a few more pictures.

And then we were off to the hotel to rest before the reception. 

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