Sunday, September 11, 2011

Going East: The Reception

After about an hour of relaxation (and planning for the next day), we headed to the reception, which was held at a lovely golf course. 

As we entered, the reception was very much in full spring, with appetizers, drinks, and other guests milling about. Soon after we got there, they opened another room, so Ed and I escaped into the relative quiet of this room, where we could relax. 

On of my favorite appetizers featured goat cheese combined with dill, and then "frosted" onto a piece of cucumber. I thought that this would be quite an easy appetizer to recreate at home, and was just lovely. 

After maybe 40 minutes, the dinner venue was opened, and we got to see the full set up, which was gorgeous. We were at the "cousins" table, with some familiar faces for me (from the dinner the night before) and many new ones.

I was excited to see that they had a "sweets" bar, full of delicious treats. We may or may not have, after some generous glasses of wine, filled our treat box to the brim. Of course, the next day, I remembered that I wasn't wild about gummy candies to begin with, and really didn't need a huge take out box of candy, so Ed got to enjoy most of it by himself. 

The wedding cake itself was beautiful, and very tasty. 

Ed looked handsome as always, and was the best companion a girl could hope for at the wedding. 

Tom was enjoying his drink of choice that night, the cosmo. 

Towards the end of the reception, Ed and I made the delicious, but probably not healthiest discovery that on the other side of the reception sat a cookie and brownie table, full of deliciousness. I was regretting our candy table excursion, wishing I had filled that box with cookies instead. So, we had to just eat some there instead :). 

With our treats firmly in hand, we headed out into the night air, after a beautiful wedding and reception.

  1. Ed and Tom enjoyed spending some nice time together. 

And, of course, I had a great time with my wonderful husband. 

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  1. An elegant reception, gorgeous wedding, and a trip filled with lots of sights, history, and great food - what a journey you and Ed had! Thank for sharing, this looks like it was a wonderful trip!