Friday, September 2, 2011

Going East: The Freedom Trail - Part II

Ed and I were finally in North Side, ready to hit the second half of the Freedom Trail. On our way, we passed many old restaurants and pubs,

juxtaposed with the more modern buildings. 

We were planning to head back to this very cute area for dinner (which somewhat, though not entirely, worked out). 

After wandering the streets of north end, we finally reached Paul Revere's house. 

Finally, we headed to the North End Church, where the infamous lanterns was hung to signal the arrival of British troops. How cool to see something like that. 

Inside was equally exciting.

What it's looked like back in the colonial times. 

They also had the boxed pews.

I loved all the hydrangeas (they reminded me of Austria)

While we weren't quite done with the freedom trail, we were, in fact, Done. 

So, we went back to Quincey Market and took a break. 

There are few things that a large glass of beer on a shady patio can't cure. 

When we left the Market, we stumbled upon a junior high jazz band, which Ed wanted to stop and watch :). 

Then, we jumped on the T and headed back to the hotel to take a rest.

After a lengthy nap, we were determined to see the last of the trail. While I was shocked that we took such a nap (many hours!), we ended up walking in cool, beautiful sunsetting evening. 

Our destination was in the distance, beckoning us. 

We finally reached our bridge and, looking down, realized that the bridge was quite see through. Later, when I talked to my mom (who visited Boston not much later with my dad), we had the same reaction to the bridge - scary!

Luckily, we had beautiful distractions.

Finally, after much walking, we reached our goal, Bunker Hill. Honestly, we weren't too sad to visit at twilight, as it was so gorgeous. 

Our journey today!

After our final stop, we headed back to North End. By this point, it was 9:30 and we really just wanted to find someplace to eat. 

Before we found a place though, something so random happened. As we walked, I heard a voice shout out, "Addy! Addy!" Since I haven't been called that in forever, it didn't register. Then, I heard, "Adelyn Bonner-Lyon!" Ed's first thought, apparently, was that this person didn't know me well, since he didn't know my current name. 

Well, it ended up being one of my old roommates from college! He happened to be visiting a friend (he spends most of his time in Africa). Very random, but very fun. 

Finally, we found a place that looked good, and were convinced to try it by the hostess. 


That was a mistake 

Probably one of the worst meals we've had out before . 

Ed's was, quite honestly, inedible. Mine was okay, but it came with mayonaissey ceasar salad and burned bread. 

Well, you win some and you lose some. 

We had to make up for it with dessert, so we headed to famous "Mikes". However, I greatly dislike crowds, and that's all Mikes' was inside. So, we headed across the street to "Modern Bakery" where we got a lovely treat. 

On our way home, we tried in vain to find a liquor shop to buy some wine (which made us feel like quite the alcohlics, going into all these places looking for wine, but that's really what sounded perfect to have with the cannoli). Without luck, we finally ended up back at the hotel and, in desperation, I bought us two glasses from the hotel bar. 

Honestly, it was perfect. We enjoyed it with a chocolate dipped cannoli filled with fresh creme and a plain cannoli filled with custard. 

It was the perfect end to our time in Boston .

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