Friday, September 30, 2011

Visiting Family in Orange County

I left Christine's about midday and headed down to visit with my parents and my oh so cute niece, who was coincidentally visiting for the weekend!

This cute girl was so much fun, crawling around and getting into things :)

Our next door neighbor came over to get some quality Amelia time as well. Who could resist?

My mom also  needed some quality time with this every growing girl.

We couldn't resist the cute baby giggles when she got tickled.

She also enjoyed her new toy.

And she even let me cuddle with her.

After the indoor play, we decided to take her out for some pool time. She really loved splashing and when you pulled her through the water, she would kick and hit the water. 

She looks like such the little swimmer.

After the spa, she had some very yummy dinner.

Then she had a bath in the sink. Quite honestly, she was not amused. But she looked so cute, even when she was so clearly outraged that we had deigned to wash her in a sink.

Of course, she calmed down and headed down for bed very easily. 

We adults then enjoyed a delicious dinner while the little one slept upstairs. 

The next morning, after a walk around the lake, it was time to head back up and back to the real world. 

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