Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Going East: Visiting Harvard

We awoke to a beautiful morning in Boston, ready for a more relaxed day of tourism in the city. 

While I had great plans for breakfast, I couldn't find the name or address, so we ended up getting Dunk'n Doughnuts and taking it to Boston Commons.

It was such a beautiful morning, though, we couldn't complain.

After, we headed back to pack up our room, drop our bags at the front desk, and head to the T.

Our train went across the water, which made for some very pretty views as we were riding.

Finally, we arrived at Harvard Square.

The campus was beautiful and green.

Ed took a turn trying out the authentic water pump, that unfortunately didn't work in the slightest. 

Or course, Ed had to get a picture in front of the science department. 

The most spectacular buildling we got to see was this meeting hall/church? It was gorgeous stained glass. 

Cambridge had more white steeples, just like Boston.

We of course, had to go visit the library, though unfortunately, non students weren't allowed inside (not so cool, library). 

Then, we took a little bit to just rest from the head under the shade of the trees.

Soon, though, we were getting hungry, and needed to go find food. I head found this sandwich place in a guide book, that boasted tasty food and a relaxed atmosphere.

So, we got some sandwhiches and went with the theme of the day.


Now, I had been wanting to have cupcakes our whole trip. Unfortunately, we kept being thwarted - mostly because I lost all my directions to the places. So when we walked past this place, I knew it was meant to be. 

Ed and I decided to get two to share: strawberry shortcake and boston creme pie. 

Both had a tasty filling and we delicious, though I liked the strawberry better and Ed, the Boston creme. Which worked out well for both of us. 

However, I felt something lacking with our cupcake choices. Neither had the traditional buttercream icing that I had been looking forward to enjoying. 

So, I had to get just one more. Luckily, they sold a "mini" size, so I was able to indulge without getting a whole nother full sized cupcake. 

The buttercream was delicious, but so intense it made me grateful that I didn't get a full sized one with this frosting - I don't know that I would have been able to handle it :). 

Quite satiated, we headed back to the T to begin our exodus out of Boston. 

Ed decided that walking to the rental car place made sense (in retrospect, I wished I had pushed for the T - it actually was a perfectly direct route that would have saved my increasingly aching feet). 

Still, as Ed pointed out, we got a nice last tour of the city. 

Finally, we had wheels of our own and headed out of the city and into the country. 

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